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Vermont Quarries Corporation, Rutland, VT.
Phone: 303.530.7230, Fax: 303.530.7250

Vermont Marble.  Stone Fabrication at the Quarry.  Vermont Danby and Cavendish Green.Vermont Quarries Corporation is a full service quarry and fabricator of historic Vermont Danby white marble and Vermont Verde green serpentine marble. Since the 18th century, important historic buildings throughout the US have used Vermont marble for its proven durability in American climates and for its unique beauty. This material is still available direct from the underground quarry and stone fabrication shop inside Dorset mountain for new and historic restoration projects. Vermont Quarries can cut, carve, turn or otherwise fabricate and finish this historic stone material to your specifications.   Specializing in:   Vermont Danby White Marble, Vermont Verde Cavendish Green Serpentine Marble, Italian Carrara White Marble, Thick Stock Natural Stone, Marble Columns, Natural Stone Fabrication, Dimensional Stone, Stone for Monuments, Stone Carving & Cutting, Imperial Danby, Olympian Marble.

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Massette Mantels and Ornament, Chicago, IL.
Phone: 312.492.7922, Fax: 312.492.7923

Hand Carved French Limestone Fireplaces and Mantels.  Chicago.Massette Mantels and Ornament features French limestone fireplaces and other ornamental stonework in standard dimensions. Massette began as a stonecarving studio specializing in exclusive, hand-carved, custom-designed stoneworks produced by a master French carver. The same expert French craftsmanship, beautiful natural stone, and high attention to detail provided in its custom stonework is carried over to everything produced in the standard lines of its Massette collections.   Specializing in:   Fireplace Mantels, French Limestone Fireplaces, Hand Carved Fireplace Surrounds, Stone Range Hoods

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C. M. Enterprises, Walnutport, PA.
Phone: 610.767.2217, Fax: 610.767.2217

Pennsylvania Field Stone and Barn Stone Salvaged from Eastern Pennsylvania.Reclaimed Pennsylvania field stone, barn foundation stone and wall stone is salvaged from historic structures in the Lehigh Valley of Eastern Pennsylvania by C. M. Enterprises. Set in place in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, this reclaimed weathered natural field stone (both hand cut and natural) allows the mason to achieve a look of tradition and permanence for structures, landscaping and retaining walls. Palletized and shipped to your site.   Specializing in:   Field Stone, Pennsylvania Stone, Dry Wall Stone, Salvaged Stone, Natural Stone, Barn Stone, Foundation Stone, Reclaimed Weathered Stone from Historic Structures in Eastern Pennsylvania, Recycled Stone.

Custom Building & Restoration Catalog

Penn Big Bed Slate Co., Inc., Slatington, PA.
Phone: 610-767-4601, Fax: 610-767-9252

Pennsylvania Roofing Slate Quarry.  Producers of Slate Flooring Tile and Dimensional Stone.Penn Big Bed Slate Co., Inc. has been producing distinctive "blue/gray" slate from their historic Pennsylvania slate quarry since 1934. Their roofing slate is all natural stone, hand split and hand dressed. With an expected life of a century, no material manufactured is more cost effective over the service life of the roof. They also manufacture slate flooring tile, slate window sills, dimensional stone and other architectural stone products. Penn Big Bed Slate Co., Inc. distributes slate from other sources in the US and around the world, including Vermont roofing slate.   Specializing in:   Pennsylvania Roofing Slate, Blue-Gray Slate, Vermont Roofing Slate, Slate Flooring Tile, Dimensional Stone, Stone Fabrication, Window Sills, Architectural Stone.

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