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Once upon a time ceilings were interesting; they had character. Now most of them are flat and bland -- about as interesting as a dry cracker.

If you're tired of all this dullness, you can change it with Prestplate metal ceilings from AA-Abbingdon. You can once again have an ever-changing play of light and shadow as the sun moves around in its course. Not only are all the great old designs still here, but there are also new ones for a bold, contemporary look. Whether you want to recreate a turn-of-the-century feeling or have a striking new approach, you're free to play with your own creativity. It needn't be confined to the ceiling either because Prestplate makes an equally smart wall covering in place of paper or other materials.

Prestplate metal ceilings have many other advantages: They are longer lasting and more easily maintained than other materials; they won't crack, peel, flake, or drop chunks on the floor; they are richly ornamental and decorative; and there is a far greater variety of styles than almost any other type of ceiling. These ceiling panels are available in steel, copper, brass, chrome, and pre-painted white finishes.

Also available from AA-Abbingdon are center-medallion panels, moldings, and pre-cut miters; stainless-steel kitchen backsplash panels, which lend antique appeal and pattern design to the void between the countertop and upper cabinets; and waste baskets and umbrella stands with embossed designs, available in brass, copper, and chrome plated.

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