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Anthony Wood Products is a manufacturer of "Traditional Victorian Gingerbread." The word Victorian should not be misleading, since this form of decorative wood trim is adaptable to any type of architecture found in the homes of the past as well as the homes of today. Victorian Gingerbread -- or Carpenter's Lace -- as it was sometimes called in earlier years, is a unique turn-of-the-century architecture which is once again brightening empty spaces, beautifying archways, and gracing porches.

Brackets, corbels, fretwork, gable trim, and other gingerbread is being used by handymen, housewives, builders, decorators, architects . . . everyone . . . to restore, renovate, remodel, and add decor to both the interior and the exterior of homes. There are no set patterns or standards for using Gingerbread. The possibilities are endless -- from living room to kitchen -- from bedroom to bath -- from porch to patio.

All Anthony Wood Products, as were the originals, are made of solid, natural woods. Ours specifically -- Premium grade poplar, oak, and clear "heart" redwood. Ours are crafted after the original, and some are authentic reproductions of patterns and designs of the past used many years ago and displayed with pride by the craftsmen who designed and made them. We cut each piece individually -- one at a time. We do not mass produce by stack cutting or by the use of routers. Ours -- like the original -- is each unique in its own fashion. Each unit is individually assembled and packed to ensure you a high standard of quality and satisfaction.

Anthony Wood Products, Inc. is proud to announce the addition of its custom reproduction service. We will be happy to work with you in duplicating missing or deteriorated Gingerbread.

We invite you to compare our Prices as well as our Quality and Authenticity of "True Victorian Design" with other lines on the market today. We ship Nationwide. Call today to receive our catalog.

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