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For design professionals and homeowners who demand authenticity and detail in their fixtures, Bevolo Gas & Electric Lighting in New Orleans, Louisiana, offers the original "French Quarter" lantern. Originally designed in 1945 by renowned architect A. Hayes Towne, these open-flame gas lights create a warm exterior ambiance and are perfect for either commercial or residential projects.

Bevolo, the oldest and largest manufacturer of handmade, hand-riveted copper lanterns, is a legacy of Andrew Sr.'s aviation and shipbuilding background. Hand-riveting guarantees the lantern's continuous pristine condition and is a superior technique over soldering. "This process ensures the lantern's structural integrity," says Andrew III. "A soldered lantern will not hold up over time against the constant flame."

The success of this family-operated business relies on its dedication to quality and hand-craftsmanship over inferior, assembly-line produced products. Three generations of Bevolos have persevered to make a distinguished mark in the realm of architecture and design, and their work is sought after by homeowners and businesses worldwide. Our lights grace public buildings and private homes in all 50 states and 13 countries. Bevolo creations are on many of the country's nationally-registered historic properties; within the New Orleans French Quarter, they can be found on the Presbytere, the Cabildo, Cafe du Monde, Brennan's Restaurant, and the Historic New Orleans' Collection. Of course, our lights are certified to meet building codes across the United States, and we have been approved again and again by local Historic Preservation agencies.

Please fax or mail us your plans, reduced elevations, or photos of each area that you would like us to address. We will scale and make the appropriate style recommendations based on your project's architecture. In return, you will receive a complimentary computer-generated drawing of the best light for each area, along with a proposal with bottom-line figures for your consideration. It's that simple.

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E-Mail: gaslights@bevolo.com

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